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Replace Text Workflow - Copy replaced text to clipboard

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No, there's text in a document that I typed in the wrong location.


In MacOS you can paste over text you have selected to replace it.


What I want this to do: Have this become a workflow & have the trigger be a keyboard shortcut.

(I'll use this keyboard shortcut when I have text selected)


It would:

1. Paste

2. Copy the text I replaced by to the clipboard


This is so I can move that text elsewhere. This would just streamline the slower, manual, process of copying the text I am to replace & paste it elsewhere.


Here's the situation that gave me this idea:


I'm making quizlets for myself to memorize the 400, 500, or however many final cut pro keyboard shortcuts there are, and while making these quizlets I'll often accidentally put the "TERM" in the "DEFINITION" field so I'll have to copy the term, paste it in the definition section, select the definition, cut it, paste it on term section to switch them. (Quizlet has a switch term & definition function, but I think it only does that for the entire set, not a singular term & definition)


Having this workflow capability would streamline that process, and I could see myself using this elsewhere too. 

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4 hours ago, Undertaker01 said:

It would:

1. Paste

2. Copy the text I replaced by to the clipboard


You can't copy text after you've already replaced it.


Using Alfred's clipboard history:

  1. Cut the selected text by simulating ⌘X
  2. Paste the previous clipboard contents {clipboard:1}
  3. Put the previous clipboard contents {clipboard:0} back on the clipboard

You'll also need to put some delays between those actions to give your browser time to react.


4 hours ago, Undertaker01 said:

I'll often accidentally put the "TERM" in the "DEFINITION" field


Personally, the first solution I'd try would be a userscript to add a "swap fields" button to the webpage.

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