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Session Workflow

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I just got the Powerpack today, and thought to make a Workflow to control Session via Alfred


GitHub Link


## Features

- Start new Session
- Start new Session with previous settings
- Toggle Pause
- Finish Session
- Abandon Session/Rest

## Commands
- `session start` (without arguments) will list the categories you have set up in Session. 
- `session start {category}` will create and use the specified category.
- `session pause` pauses/unpauses the session
- `session finish` finishes the session
- `session abandon` finishes the session/rest

## Installation
Download the latest release, and double-click it to open it in Alfred and install it.

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3 hours ago, UncommentedC said:

Added support for macOS ≥ 12.3


It won’t work out-of-the box as it is. The session start Script Filter still depends on Python 2, and in the other scripts you’re using /usr/local/bin/python3 as the shebang, which won’t work for people on Apple Silicon. A better shebang would be /usr/bin/python3, which if not installed will prompt a GUI (from macOS) to do so in two clicks. Do note that’s an older Python version, but at least it’s v3.

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