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Sridhar Katakam

[Request] Post to Delicious Workflow

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I am looking for a workflow that would invoke the Add to Delicious bookmarklet whose code is here via a keyword in Alfred.


The way the bookmarklet works is: You select any text (optional) that should be in the 'Your Comment' text area and click on the bookmarklet in the bookmarks bar. It opens up a popup like this:




We can edit the description, fill in tags (auto suggesting) and add the link.


Thanks in advance.

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I got it.





tell application "Google Chrome"
    execute front window's active tab javascript "javascript:(function(e,t){var n=e.document;setTimeout(function(){function a(e){if(e.data==='destroy_bookmarklet'){var r=n.getElementById(t);if(r){n.body.removeChild(r);r=null}}}var t='DELI_bookmarklet_iframe',r=n.getElementById(t);if(r){return}var i='https://delicious.com/save?',s=n.createElement('iframe');s.id=t;s.src=i+'url='+encodeURIComponent(e.location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(n.title)+'&note='+encodeURIComponent(''+(e.getSelection?e.getSelection():n.getSelection?n.getSelection():n.selection.createRange().text))+'&v=1.1';s.style.position='fixed';s.style.top='0';s.style.left='0';s.style.height='100%';s.style.width='100%';s.style.zIndex='16777270';s.style.border='none';s.style.visibility='hidden';s.onload=function(){this.style.visibility='visible'};n.body.appendChild(s);var o=e.addEventListener?'addEventListener':'attachEvent';var u=o=='attachEvent'?'onmessage':'message';e[o](u,a,false)},1)})(window)"
end tell

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