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Workflow for ray.so

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I created my first simple workflow to use ray.so a bit more easily. 


Invoke the workflow with ray or ray <language> whereas <language> is one of ray.so's supported languages. The workflow will use the current clipboard as source for the code, transform it and opens your standard browser with ray.so with your code.


It uses the standard settings of ray.so. Take a look at the global variables in the workflow to change the standard settings, as well as the default language (which currently is csharp).



As mentioned above, the workflow will do some transformations of your code before opening ray.so.


  • Remove leading and trailing blank lines
  • Tries to count leading empty space (spaces and tabs) in the first line of your code and then trim all lines with that count.
    • It will fail on code that has keywords that are not intended, for example in C# with #pragma
    • I may resolve or make this feature optional in a later version.





The workflow only uses some built-in things from Alfred as well as bash scripting. So there are no dependencies.




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