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timelog - You could leverage Alfred and Google Sheets to log your time with ease

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This side project is inspired by Welcome to the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge! - Laura Vanderkam. You could leverage Alfred and Google Sheets to track your time with ease. The goal is to track your time in a way that is easy to understand how much time you spend on.


168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Sheet


Why ?


Idea inspired by  Welcome to the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge! - Laura Vanderkam. When you want to understand how much time you spend on and you need to log it FIRST. Although Laura Vanderkam provide good time sheet template (Excel or PDF; 30- or 15-minute versions) you could download but there is no easy and quick way to fill out the form. 




- International ISO 8601 weekly number - from Monday to Sunday

- Sheet - save auto created Spreadsheet in specific Drive folder (default: timelog, you could change you want)

- Security - use deanishe/awgo support API to handle sensitive data like Google API token



alfred-timelog DONOT provide any GCP project client_id and client_secret. User need to create your own. It's recommend to create new GCP project.










  1. Visit Google Cloud Platform Console and create new project.
  2. Enable Google Drive API and Google Sheets API via gcloud command or GCP console.
    • $ gcloud services enable drive.googleapis.com
    • $ gcloud services enable sheets.googleapis.com
  3. In the Cloud Console, go to the Credentials page.
  4. Click CREATE_CREDENTIALS, then select OAuth client ID.
  5. Select Web application application type
  6. Set Name as Alfred Timelog
  7. At Authorized redirect URIs session Click ADD URI and set https://localhost:38146
  8. Click CREATE and save Client ID and Client secret for using later
  9. Visit Releases · cage1016/alfred-timelog Download latest release and install.
  10. Setup Client ID and Client secret
    • 4.png
  11. tl auth to authorize alfred-timelog to access your Google Drive and SpreadSheet by Google API
  12. tl setup to create Drive folder and weekly Spreadsheet
  13. tl to add action description you want and will add to Spreadsheet



Download directly from Github releases page, make sure to download the latest release. Download here

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5 hours ago, Smpl said:

This would be awesome to have if it could be use to log time to something local, like a sheet in Numbers instead of Google Sheets.


Thanks for your comments. In fact, I never thought about saving these time logs locally when side project getting started. I will think about it. 🙂

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