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Shortcuts — Run installled macOS shortcuts


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4 hours ago, Ligeard said:

I send you a private message with the debug infos.


Please don’t split the conversation. Either send a private message or post to the thread, not both. Preferably the latter so other people can benefit from the conclusions. Can you check if this one works for you?

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With the 2022.1 version of the Alfred Shortcuts workflow, I'm having an issue where if the Shortcut has some sort of output (text) that it would copy to the clipboard ("Copy to Clipboard" step in Shortcuts), that output does not seem to copy to the clipboard. It works just fine in the 2021.1 version. In debugging, the 2022.1 Alfred Shortcuts workflow does run a Run Script step to Copy to Clipboard that does seem to have the correct output within it, but for some reason I'm not able to paste that output — Cmd + V doesn't work, and neither does the output show up in my clipboard history in Alfred. 


The final Copy to Clipboard step in the 2022.1 Alfred Shortcuts workflow is not marked as transient; I do see that the "middle" Copy to Clipboard steps are marked as transient, but toggling that only copied the name of the shortcut to the clipboard, not the text output. Seems like something that changed between the 2021.1 version and the 2022.1 version is causing the issue.


Overall the workflow is great and thanks so much for releasing it! 🎉

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@brian_seidman Nice analysis, you are correct. To circumvent NSTask decomposition I use the clipboard as a temporary placeholder of information but do not pollute the history and restore the clipboard to what it was when the Workflow ends. I hadn’t consider the shortcut itself might change the clipboard and that in that case the Workflow shouldn’t restore it.


Just released 2022.2 which fixes it.

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