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It's a Python code question for the workflow

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I'd like to know how to modify the code in order to place the currently entered search word at the bottom of the autocomplete list.

Thank you in advance! 🙏





import sys
from workflow import web, Workflow

def get_dictionary_data(word):
    url = 'https://ac-dict.naver.com/koko/ac'
    params = dict(frm='stdkrdic', oe='utf8', m=0, r=1, st=111, r_lt=111, q=word)
    r = web.get(url, params)
    return r.json()

def main(wf):
    import cgi;
    args = wf.args[0]
    wf.add_item(title = 'Search Naver Krdic for \'%s\'' % args,
    def wrapper():
        return get_dictionary_data(args)
    res_json = wf.cached_data("kr_%s" % args, wrapper, max_age=600)
    for items in res_json['items']:
        for ltxt in items:
            if len(ltxt) > 0:
                txt = ltxt[0][0]
                wf.add_item(title = u"%s" % txt ,
                            subtitle = 'Search Naver Krdic for \'%s\'' % txt,
if __name__ == '__main__':
    wf = Workflow()


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