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Hi, coming from Quicksilver (long time user), I rejected entering in Alfred for several reasons.  Now that I am in, and enjoying, I wanted to tell some things I see and I expect to help here.  I'm really enjoying Alfred.  It seems quite powerful and, quite important, well programmed, not wasting CPU cycles when idle. 

One thing I'd appreciate a lot would be to have a quick Hotkey-to-open anything way: That is: dropping the file over the Alfred preferences panel and having it all there except the hotkey waiting to set.  Icon, name, kind of Tool, etc, all taken and set from the dropboxed item.  It could be an Application, a folder to open…

Thanks for this brilliant app

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Welcome @juanfal,


That’s a very specific feature to fill a very specific need which seldom arises.

Each of the connections you want takes seconds to create. You can further speed it up by copy and pasting Workflow objects and editing the parts you need. Tip: don’t create multiple Workflows for it, keep them in the same one.

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