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How can I kill a workflow/ Stop it from running once I've initiated it.

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5 hours ago, deanishe said:

There is only one Alfred developer. There needs to be a pretty good reason for a feature for him to spend time implementing that instead of something else.


Yeah I understand, it's very very impressive what he's been able to do. It's like making YouTube videos, there's always more ideas than there is time & some ideas are better than others. It wouldn't hurt to put on the list, though.


Is there a way to easily tell what process is started by a workflow? Will it have a specific name? I'm only talking simple things here, like if I trigger something that opens a bunch of windows and I want it to stop for example.

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6 hours ago, Undertaker01 said:

I assume the name of the process will be the name of the workflow that is running?


No, it will be the name of the binary that’s running. The name might be similar to the workflow's if it runs a binary (you'll see "alfred-firefox" for my Firefox workflow, for example), but most workflows are built with scripting languages, in which case you see the name of the interpreter (e.g. "bash", "Python", "zsh").


Normally, it's not possible to figure out which workflow a process belongs to without inspecting it to see which files are open.

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On 12/31/2021 at 2:51 AM, Undertaker01 said:

It would have uses for many Alfred users I think.

In a decade of building Workflows and frequenting this forum, I don’t recall ever facing the need or seeing another request for that.


Most Workflow actions are fast enough you wouldn’t get to abort them in time anyway.


On 12/31/2021 at 2:51 AM, Undertaker01 said:

adding a workflow utility or something similar that would do this?

How would that work, even? You add a kill utility to a Workflow, and then what? You connect it to a Keyword or Hotkey and when those are invoked they kill everything in the Workflow? With which signal? Does it force a quit? What about if you have queued actions ready to trigger? Are those cancelled to?


You’re asking for a big internal change to support a minor feature which so far only one person would get occasional use out of. It seems unlikely to happen.

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Ah - I use the kill button frequently in Keyboard Maestro when experimenting, building macros and especially when I mash my keyboard and trigger macros by accident.. Alfred's workflows are similar to that & I thought some users would like having the option incase they initiate a workflow they didn't intend to run.

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