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Is it possible to select and open multiple "bookmark" search results in the Alfred toolbar/dropdown.

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Hello everyone,


I use Alfred a lot to quickly open bookmarked webpages. Sometimes I want to simultaneously open 2, 3, or 4+ of the bookmarked webpages that show up in my Alfred search results, rather than opening one, and then having to redo the Alfred search just to open the others, one by one. 


I don't necessarily want to create a workflow for this, as I have hundreds of bookmarked webpages and the pairings/groupings that I want to bulk select are often unique.  


It seems like I should be able to hold down a certain key as I bulk select them, but none of the typical keys (command, control, shift, option, etc.) seem to work.


Thank you in advance for helping this Alfred beginner. 

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Hi @Bo A, welcome to the forum.


It's not directly possible, no. Alfred's built-in batch select-then-open feature (the File Buffer) only works with files, not URLs, so you would have to either use a workflow to search & open your bookmarks, or export your bookmarks to .webloc or .url files, which will work with Alfred's File Buffer.

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