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How to pass the paths of selected folder in Alfred to be the input?

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In a high level,

Step 1: I want to select a "folder" in some specific folder. Yes, a "folder" in "specific folder", which means that I need to change the search scope in some specific folder, and select one folder in it.


Problem1: Alfred cannot select folder to do some action by file filter. It will just enter the folder and wait for me to select some "file" instead of "folder". I cannot make the folder to be the input for my next script.


Step 2: I want to create a symbolic link of my selected folder, and then paste the link to my assigned location, for example, ~/link_collection/.


Problem2: I can do this by python if I know the folder paths. However, as I stated in Problem1, I just cannot select the folder, no matter pass its paths to be the input of my python script.


Hope you can help me with these problems. It really ruined my day.

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