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Save current Keynote document as PDF

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Here's a workflow that uses Applescript UI scripting to save the currently open Keynote document as a PDF.  It uses the print dialog rather than the Export... menu item to give more flexibility in the layout etc.  I've tried to comment the script so that the selections can be easily customized.


It stops once the Save... dialog is open, so you can change the filename before saving if desired.


This was an interesting project, which will save me lots of mouse clicks in the long term.  It's surprising how little Applescript seems to have been written for Keynote.


Updated 2014-01-31 to fix Applescript UI click issue introduced with Mavericks ( http://macscripter.n...=170632#p170632 for details ).

Still only works with Keynote '09.


Updated 2014-04-02 to work with Keynote 6 (finally Apple has restored Applescript to the new iWork!)


There are now two keywords


kpdf - for use with Keynote 6.2


k5pdf - for use with Keynote 5 (i.e. iWork '09 version)

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