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All files not showing up in searches after switching to m1 MacBook Air

Sam Tang

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I recently switched from an intel MacBook Air to an M1. Before I switched the searches worked perfectly, but now I don't see files of any type in the searches. Everything else shows up fine(folders, apps, etc..), but files, no matter their location do not. Anyone else run into this or have a solution? I used the Mac migration assistant when I switched machines, I don't know if that helps.

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@Sam Tang Welcome to the forum. What @deanishe is saying in his very succinct response is that this has been answered many times in recent months and that the best first step when looking for answers is to use the search feature.


Having said that, we've now created a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting this issue, which seems to be caused by a bug in the macOS Monterey Migration Assistant, resulting in files not being found when they should be. 


Please take a look at this guide and follow the instructions carefully:



I'm confident this will solve your issue, but if for any reason, you still have indexing issues, please follow up in the relevant thread linked below. I'll now lock this thread to avoid splitting up the discussion of the same topic any further.




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