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Query for Snippet Expansion / Trigger


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One Quick Query:


Regarding Snippets, I couldn't find the option to see the snippets while typing on the go. For example, if my keyword is: “Key1”, then as I type, I was expecting that, it will show me in a little pop-up for possible such snippets. For example, “Key2” is another keyword, then it will show me these 2 available snippets and I can trigger them manually by confirming one of them.


So, is there a way to see such options while typing on-the-go? (In any editing utility, for example, if I am typing on textedit or word document.)


At present, what happens is: I know the keyword and when I finish typing that keyword, it rapidly triggers the snippet… But I want a little variant of this. I hope, I have explained properly.

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@DrDishant Take a look at this recent blog post where I use one snippet trigger to present a set of possible snippets to use:



With one snippet, I can choose from a list of three possible email signatures, depending on the identity I want to use.




Pressing return will then paste the selected snippet to the frontmost app.


You can download an example workflow from the blog post as well to help you get started.

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Thanks a lot @Vero.


I tried and it worked pretty well!  More or less, this is what I wanted to achieve… not exactly, but kind of configurable.


However, without settings this up, can we have the option of monitoring the input keywords?


Still, it will be more convenient.


For example, see the attached screenshot… where, the manual trigger is possible, and also it gives me that option.

photo_2022-01-13 19.24.42.jpeg

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The answer was not fully solving my purpose.
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That image is from your text editor, right? But what you’re asking is for that type of suggestion popup to show up across every app, is that correct?

Do other text expansion apps do that? I somehow doubt it. That looks like a feature which would consume considerably more resources and is unlikely to work in every text field. If dedicated apps which only do text expansion don’t have the feature, it probably wouldn’t be feasible for Alfred to implement it either. If I am wrong, an example of a general text expansion app which does this might be helpful.

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Yes, you are right. I'm seeking for the same kind of functionality which should work on every app.


In previous post, I mentioned an example of "PhraseExpress" - TextExpansion App.


In screenshot, I was trying this on "Typora". But it works on Word or any other typing field.


In fact today, I tried with two testing keywords:


1. ttyl : talk to you later




2. ttyt: talk to you today


And then, when I wrote "tty", it immediately popped-up with the both the possibilities: ttyl and ttyt.


From this, I can immediately pick up the suitable phrase for my use case.


If you want, you can try it too. PhraseExpress is free for personal use. :)


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