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Query for Sorted3 Workflow

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9 hours ago, DrDishant said:

However, I am planning to use “Sorted3” app workflow.


We don't know which workflow you're talking about. Post a link.


9 hours ago, DrDishant said:

Is there any exhaustive list which gives the list of all Alfred4 Workflows


No. You can use older workflows with newer versions of Alfred, just not the other way around. Sometimes you might have to edit the workflow a bit. Change a "3" to a "4".

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14 minutes ago, deanishe said:

They might add a scripting API at some point.


@DrDishant While I haven't looked into their background / team / development process, if Sorted have a forum or feedback mechanism, it may be worth making your interest in this known, as it may help them prioritise this if there's enough demand.



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