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OmniFocus Task Actions [Updated to 3.1]

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Not in that context/project they don't — they are in a single-action bucket. They're where I shove one-off "ASAP" tasks. 


I put a bogus task in my Inbox, and I can '.ofti' and see it.  There are no projects or contexts assigned.


So the issue seems to be, that you already assigned a project to your tasks but left them in the inbox. Do you have automatic removal from inbox activated in OF only when a project AND context is assigned?

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_mk_ actually, it takes me to my inbox perspective....does not matter which perspective I choose on Alfred to focus on, it always goes to this one perspective.


I found the error and will fix it with the next release. In the meantime you can fix it on your own:

  1. Open the workflow in Alfred
  2. The .offv Script Filter has two outgoing connections. Open the Run Script at the CMD connection.
  3. Uncheck all escape checkboxes other than "double quotes"




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_mk_, this may be off topic, but at the beginning of this thread you made a coment that you plan your work around "Getting Results" instead of GTD.


Could you share some of your thoughts around how you have implemented using omnifocus and how it has helped you? 



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Hi _mk_, perfect....just read it and seems very interesting.


Looking forward to your next posts as I will see how easy it will be to implement this system since I have waaaayyyyyy so many projects.




Having many projects is not a problem. Agile Results will help you to focus on the three most important ones at a time.


I hope to finish the second part of the series sometime this week but I want to finish the new version of the workflow first.

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So the issue seems to be, that you already assigned a project to your tasks but left them in the inbox. Do you have automatic removal from inbox activated in OF only when a project AND context is assigned?


No, they're not in the Inbox, they're in a single-action project. That "singles" project has context and project assigned. The project just happens to be a single-action list.

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I have some issues with this as well, results are never returned.  


If I run the shell script directly, it barfs due to not finding the commands referenced by the script. Environment variable/pathing issue?

$ /Users/emory/Dropbox/Application\ Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.E1A1A3ED-90BF-4B96-BD56-16B26C7193D3/getTasksInInbox.sh
/Users/emory/Dropbox/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.E1A1A3ED-90BF-4B96-BD56-16B26C7193D3/getTasksInInbox.sh: line 3: workflowHandler.sh: No such file or directory
/Users/emory/Dropbox/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.E1A1A3ED-90BF-4B96-BD56-16B26C7193D3/getTasksInInbox.sh: line 5: getPref: command not found
/Users/emory/Dropbox/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.E1A1A3ED-90BF-4B96-BD56-16B26C7193D3/getTasksInInbox.sh: line 41: getXMLResults: command not found

I too have the same problem with this workflow even when running the scripts directly  (although .ofti works for me, but others don't) and it is very hit and miss - sometimes perspectives work and sometimes not. .Also offf will find the folders and when I select one .oftf goes straight to fallback web search.


Would love this to work. Any thoughts?






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You have to run the scripts from inside the workflow directory:

cd /Users/emory/Dropbox/Application\ Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.E1A1A3ED-90BF-4B96-BD56-16B26C7193D3

Do you still get errors if you run the scripts like that?


I am currently rewriting lots of the workflow code. Please hold on for a few more days.

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Version 3.0 is out


Version 3.0 of the workflow is complete re-write to make the code easier to maintain. This should also fix the issues for users that did not get any results with the old version.


Please see the first post for more details.


Be sure to manually download the workflow. Alleyoop will not work for this update as the workflow URL changed.



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Hey Marko,


I saw you OmniFocus workflow highlighted in the blog and was looking at it. I'm not sure if you ever got your hands on OmniFocus v2 but they've gone quiet to regroup now. 


In your workflow you've got everything in there but the kitchen sink :). I was wondering if it's possible to add one little thing. In OmniFocus v2 they never got around to building in a search function. Fortunately, I know by project or context where most things are except for the completed stuff which is starting to get substantial. 


I was wondering if you are able to add into the workflow a search for an action based on content. As an example, say I want to find an action related to a company that i've long since completed and I know say it has the word in it Quicken and the Product Manager's name. I know you were able to do this with DEVONthink and of course your workflow Eric put up on their site. Do you think you might be able to add that to OmniFocus. The DB between OmniFocus 1 and 2 is identical. The only thing that is different is the GUI. I could always start OmniFocus 1 to do the search but it would be very convenient if I could do that from Alfred. 


Just one other question. When you say search for folders is that projects or the folders that contain the projects.


The other thing is does Omni have your workflow. If not I'd like to send it to them.



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Hey, _mk_!


Thanks for the workflow it looks great!


The only problem that I have is that search doesn't work with Cyrillic letter (Russian in particular).


I have a project called "прочитать" ("read"), when I start typing "пр..." it doesn't show the project (only the other one called "интеллектуальные права" - "intellectual rights").



But I have the project in the general list:



Can you do something about it? I would really like to search for my projects. Thanks!

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  • add tasks to OF (not sure about this one as there are already awesome workflows available )


This is actually the main feature that I'm interested in. Could you please point me towards the other awesome workflows that are already available for this purpose? Thanks very much in advance!

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