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Clipboard history - add keyboard shortcut to paste previous entries


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I would be nice if there was a way to paste multiple things from clipboard history faster

It would be nice if there was an option to paste multiple rows at the same time. Few possible options

- open clipboard viewer, hold ctrl/cmd/option and click on a row to paste that value. Clipboard viewer stays opened after click. This way we can quickly paste multiple items

- open clipboard viewer, press ctrl/cmd/option and enter to paste the row. Clipboard viewer stays opened after so we can paste next value

- open clipboard viewer, press shift and down arrow to select multiple rows. Press enter to paste all selected rows

- add new keyboard shortcut that would paste next value in the clipboard. This way we can paste multiple values. Once we copy something new paste index is reverted to top


Sometimes I copy multiple things from one place and then I want to past them somewhere else. Currently I have to open the viewer multiple times and keep track of what was pasted. While this works it requires a lot of repeated steps

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