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Script Filter for more than just title

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Hello everybody, 


I'm currently trying to figure out the possibilities with the script filter block and I enjoy it very much. One thing that would make it even more useful for me would be if it was possible to not only filter for the "title" of a JSON entry, but also possible the subtitle or something else. My thought was to embed tags into the JSON objects which do not appear in the entry title, but can still be found through the search. 


        "uid": "13 27 2022 8 13",
        "type": "Link",
        "title": "Bananas",
        "subtitle": "Book of Tropical Fruits",
        "variables": {
            "label": "Bananas",
            "tags": ["fruit", "tropical", "yellow"]


Here is an example how this could look from a JSON standpoint. Can I make the tags somehow available in the search?


Best wishes.


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