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Shortened path for new OneDrive synched locations


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Microsoft's OneDrive recently changed their sync location, now making this obligatory through a user's library vs. directly in a home directory:

Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS 


The new path to "get started" in OneDrive's personal directory is:



Even worse, for corporate synched shared libraries, 



These paths are super long and prevent to see the "meat" of paths when searching for files in Alfred:



It would be great to be able to set an alias or shortcut in the returned path to abstract that absolute "start point" of ~/Library/CloudStorage to allow for more visibility into the relevant path information for the search results.


For example, an Alfred setting that replaces a user-configurable path (e.g."~/CloudStorage/OneDrive-SharedLibraries-<CompanyName>") with a user configurable text (e.g. "Sharepoint Shared"). This would not modify actions like 'copy path' but simply the navigation through files. 


Another potential solution to this problem would be to have a setting or a keyboard modifier to switch from showing "start of path" to "end of path" while displaying Alfred file search results ie. instead of 

~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-SharedLibraries-<CompanyName>/Folder1/... (last part can't be seen)


(first part is hidden) .../Folder1/<Rest of path>

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I do see the value in shortening the prefix of certain paths, especially now that macOS 12 is pushing cloud drive solutions into the ~/Library/CloudDrive/... folder.


For now, I'm going to abbreviate this path to ☁️/... and I'll consider a more thorough solution in the future.




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