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Alfred gitbook – search articles in site based on Gitbook

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The worklow allows you to find articles in documentation/wiki/Personal projects which were using Gitbook. The current implementation finds all pages are under SUMMARY.md.

Inspired by alfred-my-mind, but wanted to create a tool for everyone, just with configuring site url, repository and branch name



  • Alfred
  • JDK 8
  • You will also need to prepare the next things
    • Site URL which was build by Gitbook
    • GIT repository URL which is connected with your site
    • GIT repository branch







To configure the workflow, you need to define workflow environment variables

  • `gb_url` – the Site URL
  • `git_book_repository` – the GIT repository URL
  • `git_book_branch` – the GIT repository branch

For example



Update links

When configuration is done, you need to update your links, for that need to call `gb update` in Alfred



The update mechanism will take some time to read the SUMMARY.md depends on the content of your repository


Find links

Now, you're ready to open links from your site. For that, you need to call `gbs <name>` in Alfred


Source code





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