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Encryptor - Encrypt files password protected with AES-256

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Alfred Encryptor

Easily encrypt and decrypt files and folders with passwords using strong AES-256 ciphers.


Encrypting files/folders

To encrypt a file or folder type enc and select the files and/or folders you want to encrypt.

Tip: you can select multiple files/folders putting them on Alfred`s file buffer



Next, select the destination folder.


Inform the password to protect the encrypted file and its done!


A file named encryptor_*.enc will be created and displayed in finder.


Now you can safelly share this file knowing that only who has the correct password can open it!

Decrypting files encrypted with Encryptor

To decrypt a file encrypted by this workflow type dec and select the file to be decrypted.


Next select the destination folder.


Inform the password used to encrypt the file and its all that is needed!


Alfred will open the destination folder on Finder and you can view the decrypted contents.


This workflow require you to have tar and openssl avaliable on your system.

To check if they're avaliable on your system open a terminal and type:

which tar openssl

The expected result is similar to:


Behind the scenes

To encrypt and decrypt files/folders this workflow uses tar and openssl commands in a bash terminal.


Because of this, anyone who has openssl and tar installed on their systems can encrypt and decrypt files just like this workflow does.


This means that you can send and receive encrypted files even with non Alfrerd users.


To manually encrypt or decrypt files just follow the steps below.

Manually encrypt

Type the following comands on your terminal replacing:

  • FILE_N and FOLDER_N with the files/folders you want to encrypt
  • PASSWORD with the password to protect the file
  • FILENAME with the name of the resulting file (keep the .enc extension)
tar -cvf /tmp/encryptor.tar FILE_1 FILE_2 FOLDER_1 FOLDER_2
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in /tmp/encryptor.tar -k PASSWORD -out FILENAME.enc
rm -f /tmp/encryptor.tar

Manually decrypt

Type the following comands on your terminal replacing:

  • FILE with the file to be decrypted
  • PASSWORD with the password used to protect the file
  • FOLDER with the folder where the decrypted files/folders should be placed
openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in FILE -k PASSWORD -out /tmp/encryptor.tar
tar -xvf /tmp/encryptor.tar -C FOLDER
rm -f /tmp/encryptor.tar


Check the releases page to download it.

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