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Bookmark search has stopped working


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I think this is a bug and not something I've done wrong. I use the bookmark search extensively throughout the day and know it was working until recently. But now, searching for Safari bookmarks using a keyword offers me no results. I get the "Search bookmarks" prompt, but there are no results, whatever I type in. 280385859_CleanShot2022-02-07at08_22_52.thumb.png.64af7bf544279759845713f9b3a86b94.png


I think this coincided with the most recent update of Alfred, but can't be certain when it started. Chrome bookmark search works fine when I try it out.


Alfred 4.6.2, MacOS 12.2, M1 MBA



CleanShot 2022-02-07 at 08.23.13.png

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@ADeeJay When you type just "bm", do you see the "Search Bookmarks..." prompt before it goes to your fallback searches?


Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 09.08.19.png

Could you also please remove and re-grant Alfred Full Disk Access? It may be that your permissions have been corrupted in Monterey, and re-granting will allow Alfred to access your bookmarks data once again:




Let me know how you get on.



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