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Expand snippets in Alfred's input window

Steve Ball

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I use snippets mainly for long words I can't be bothered typing. .em is my email address, .ad is the first line of my address.


.ei is Eindhoven the city I live in. But I often want to google that. So I start Alfred and type ".ei [expecting the expansion] trains" but repeatedly get caught out 🤦 because my fingers have come to think of these long phrases in their snippet forms.


Would it be possible to have snippet expansion occur within Alfred's input window? (You can always get around it if you really didn't want that, such as by typing .e i and going back to delete the space, in that very rare situation that you would want that)

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@Steve Ball Open Alfred's prefs to Features > Snippets > Auto Expansion Options, and you'll see that snippets are set to not expand in Alfred and Alfred's preferences window.




If you prefer to be able to expand in Alfred itself, just remove that entry from the list :)



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