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Change Contacts' prefpane Maps URL to use https (and support Apple Maps?)

Chris Messina

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9 hours ago, Andrew said:

I wonder if you edited it at some point in the past and changed it back, and that has taken precedence over Alfred's default value.


Huh, strange! I had never used Alfred's Contacts picker because, prior to my M1 MacBook Pro, I had too many contacts — and so didn't want to slow down Alfred's performance. I don't recall ever visiting this preference as a result — and only did so now because I believe my M1 can handle all my contacts. 


What is the current default value? Is there a way for me to reset it? 

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6 hours ago, Andrew said:

Clear the value out then quit preferences, then it'll reset to the default (which is in fact the same as you have, just with https).


Ah ha! But actually, it's not the same — it defaults to Apple Maps! I must have changed it and used http instead of https when I set it up. User error — but good to know!



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