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Unable to delete Workflow because Google Drive doesn't have 'trash'


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I'm using Alfred 4.6.3 on MacOS Monterey 12.2.1.  I also have Google Drive v55.0.3.0 installed which mounts my Google Drive as a file system. This allows me to have my Alfred preferences stored in Google Drive.  This has worked great.


Except, I can't delete a workflow. For example, I wanted to delete the "Encode / Decode (v1.10)" workflow (because it needs PHJP, which does not come with MacOS Monterey anymore).  However, when I tell Alfred to delete it, I get a red error message at the top of the preferences window:


"user.workflow.15164BE6-EB6B-4CAB-8D8D-60583D84103D"  couldn't be moved to the trash because the volume "Google Drive" doesn't have one.


I did try creating just a "trash" folder, but as I suspected, it didn't work.

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