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Script Filter JSON - attribute to control # of rows displayed (height)

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Sometimes I would like to show fewer (or more) results from a script filter (with scrollbar). Since this is currently an all-or-nothing setting (with an odd maximum of 9) I am proposing adding a way to expose the limit per-script, something like:


    "rerun": 1,
    "limit": 12,
    "items": [


Thank you @Andrew


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Could you explain what problem this solves?


I mean, it's trivial (and preferable) to truncate your array of results before sending them to Alfred if you only want to show N results. Why isn't that an acceptable solution? What's the issue with there being a lot of (possibly) unwanted results off screen below the top nine? Alfred can handle tens of thousands of items no problem, so performance can't be the issue.

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Thanks @deanishe - sure of course


I think I chose a bad example keyword ("limit")—probably should have used "window_height" or something. The idea is not to truncate or change the results at all, but merely to control the height of Alfred's window to show fewer or more results at one time. So altering the list prior to outputting JSON would not be the same thing.


I have a workflow that displays news articles from a feed, and for example I'd like to show 20 articles in Alfred before I have to scroll. It's currently not possible since there's a max limit of 9 in the GUI.


Even if it allowed me to set the height to 20, I would not want this in most cases. But for a couple of workflows it would be useful to have. Hope that explains it better?

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