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Time math with a starting time that is NOT now

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Welcome @timrosenberg,


Processes which allow you to make calculations on time typically require that you be specific with the date. That is to say you wouldn’t do 9:00 + 4h but March 10 2022 at 9:00 + 4h (consider what happens when it goes over to the next day; it has to be represented).

If you only want to add hours, you’re looking at simple arithmetic: (9 + 4) % 24. The % is the modulo operator. Doing it on 24 will make it “flip over” according to a 24h clock (example: (17 + 9) % 24 = 2 or “5PM plus 9 hours equals 2AM”). You can try these in Alfred’s main window by starting with = then typing the operation.

If you want to use this in a Workflow, you’ll have to be more specific in your request. Right now it’s so broad it approximates an XY problem so there’s yet no way to know what the best answer is.

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