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Altered diacritic representation on shell script input?

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Hello! I'm attempting to set up a workflow that includes passing a unicode character with a diacritic through a shell script. However, the "Run Script" node in the workflow seems to be converting its input to another representation of the characters which cause issues. In particular, the character being passed into the bash script is when the issue seems to be occurring.


More specifically, I'm using a workflow that takes the currently selected Japanese text, and does something with it. In this example, the bash script just re-echos the input, and then the text is searched on Jisho.org (a Japanese-English dictionary site). The character `が` demonstrates the issue. The version which is passed through the bash script changes to another representation of `が` which on Jisho.org is searched as a separated `か` and the ` ゙` (dakuten diacritic).


I've attached a simplified workflow below which presents my issue. It includes the action I would like to achieve, as well as a couple other example cases showing that the character seems to be changed on input into the bash script (e.g., setting the character within the bash script works as desired, but setting it within one bash script and passing it to another does not).


I'm assuming this question has been answered before, but the answers I found with my various search term attempts did not seem to turn up the answer I was looking for. I apologize in advance for the likely repeat. Any suggestions and/or explanations would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!


Google Drive link to workflow:



Alfred 4.6.3
macOS 12.2.1

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3 hours ago, deanishe said:

tell Alfred to write it to a text file and read it from there.

Alternatively, copy the text to the clipboard and read it from there in the Run Script. 

Or, and this should be more convenient for this specific use-case, always normalise whatever text is passed-in. That would have the side-effect of fixing cases where the input is decomposed.

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