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Name of current weekday as localised string

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I'm quite new to Alfred, but already loving it!


I'm trying to make a workflow that pastes the name of current the weekday as localised string in the front most app. I use the Copy-to-Clipboard output for this with the following formula: {date:EEEE}


Works great! Only thing is, that I need the weekday-name to be localised to Danish. I'm a programmer and wouldn't mind a simple if-else- or switch-structure to do the translation. Like:


if( {date:EEEE} == "Monday" ) return "Mandag";
else if( {date:EEEE} == "Tuesday" ) return "Tirsdag";
else if( {date:EEEE} == "Wednesday" ) return "Onsdag";


I'm not sure, if this is possible and how the syntax would be. Or if it can be done easier in another way.


Any help would be most appreciated! 🙂



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Welcome @mmm,


2 hours ago, mmm said:

I'm a programmer


Then I suggest a Run Script with /bin/bash or /bin/zsh as the language:


case "$(date +%A)" in
  echo -n 'Mandag'
  echo -n 'Tirsdag'
  echo -n 'Onsdag'
  echo -n 'Torsdag'
  echo -n 'Fredag'
  echo -n 'Lørdag'
  echo -n 'Søndag'
  echo 'Not a valid weekday! Should never happen.' >&2


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