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Open all URLs in a Chrome bookmark folder

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I've accidently deleted all my workflows and am recreating them.


I had a workflow that opened all the URLs inside a chrome bookmark folder but 45 minutes of searching and I can't find it.


Looking for some help as this was a very useful way to automate frequent tasks like "create a new customer" - open the five screens I need to do that task.

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@PreemoIt's a tricky question as we don't know either what workflow you're referring to, or which ones you've already come across. That's most likely why you haven't had any replies so far. A quick look online finds quite a few Chrome bookmarks workflows 🤔


Are you always opening the same 5 static links? If so, you could create a workflow with one keyword that opens all links, like the one in this example.




Let me know if that meets your needs :)

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Thanks Vero,


I wish I could remember it too!


Basically the "Open URL" is a workaround for now. What I would like to do is open all the URLs in a bookmark folder. Bookmarks are easier to maintain and chrome keeps them in sync between devices. 


From memory the workflow I had previously found had a script that looped through the bookmark and opened each URL.

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Both The link above has not Solved my issues. If anyone has other solutions to open all URLs in particular would be more appreciated. 


I have a Folder where 50 URLs are saved. I want to open them all.



Rama Chandra Dash

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