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OneDrive sharing URL

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6 hours ago, rlocker said:

or how one would develop one for copying a OneDrive sharing URL to my clipboard?


That depends mostly on Microsoft. Do they provide a way for you to get a OneDrive share link programatically, via some API or command-line tool? From a quick search it seems they may not, so it’s not possible for other apps to automate the process either. If you find a tool which makes it possible, we can help you integrate it in an Alfred Workflow.

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On 3/22/2022 at 4:06 PM, giovanni said:

yes I also looked into this a while ago and was not able to find a way to to interact programmatically with OneDrive.

Adding my "I looked into it" +1 - there's some PowerAutomate automations that can be run in the cloud that can generate sharing links but those don't really map well to macOS's finder integration of OneDrive localized files. 


Microsoft is doing a lot of changes to OneDrive for mac right now (with their migration to Files On-Demand) so I'm guessing any flexible and stable API implementation that can be run locally through Alfred would be a long ways away.

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