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Gratitude Post - I love the Alfred Remote App.

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Great Question.  It made me pause.  There are a lot, but I hear what you're saying.


For me; I have a deep OmniFocus database with about 15 perspectives.  I can launch any of the 15, with visual icons to launch them.  I can directly link to an AppleNote.  I can launch a keyboard snippet.  


I can Better Touch Tool, KeyBoard Maestro, Alfred, and TextExpand everything above on my keyboard without Alfred Remote.

But what Alfred Remote reminds me is that I can touch my frequently visited sites, I can choose which browser to launch from, etc.  I can also launch anything from any of those apps as well.

But is AppleNotes necessary?  No.  But its a nice to have accessory!


Side Note - Twitch Streamers and Live Broadcasters use a hardware version of this called a StreamDeck.  


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