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Gratitude Post - I love the Alfred Remote App.

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Great Question.  It made me pause.  There are a lot, but I hear what you're saying.


For me; I have a deep OmniFocus database with about 15 perspectives.  I can launch any of the 15, with visual icons to launch them.  I can directly link to an AppleNote.  I can launch a keyboard snippet.  


I can Better Touch Tool, KeyBoard Maestro, Alfred, and TextExpand everything above on my keyboard without Alfred Remote.

But what Alfred Remote reminds me is that I can touch my frequently visited sites, I can choose which browser to launch from, etc.  I can also launch anything from any of those apps as well.

But is AppleNotes necessary?  No.  But its a nice to have accessory!

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@Zzyzx Oh The Alfred Remote counterpart app gets its features from Alfred on Mac; Every time new workflow objects are added to Alfred on your Mac, these can be triggered via the Remote app. As such, it doesn't need frequent updates in the App Store in order to take advantage of these features.

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