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Can Alfred send keystrokes to applications?

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17 hours ago, Toontje said:

I want to send keystrokes to OBS Studio to switch scenes. Is this possible?


Have a look at whether it can be scripted instead, which would be a more reliable way to control it. I have a vague recollection that it can be, from looking into it a few years ago. :)

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I'm also looking for a way to send keys to processes like BetterTouchTool can do. Using System Events in AppleScript does need the process to be frontmost. Maybe someone knows how to use AppleScriptObjC to solve this? Maybe something using CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent.

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Well, this swift script seems to work (it sends Cmd+Up to Roon), but it only works when the Command Line Tools are installed.


#!/usr/bin/env swift
import Cocoa

func sendShortcutToProcess(bundleIdentifier: String, keyCode: CGKeyCode, modifierFlags: CGEventFlags) {
    if let targetProcess = NSRunningApplication.runningApplications(withBundleIdentifier: bundleIdentifier).first {
        let pid = targetProcess.processIdentifier
        guard let eventSource = CGEventSource(stateID: .hidSystemState) else {
            print("Failed to create event source")
        let keyDownEvent = CGEvent(keyboardEventSource: eventSource, virtualKey: keyCode, keyDown: true)!
        keyDownEvent.flags = modifierFlags
        let keyUpEvent = CGEvent(keyboardEventSource: eventSource, virtualKey: keyCode, keyDown: false)!
        keyUpEvent.flags = modifierFlags

// Usage: Call the function with the desired bundle identifier, key code, and modifier flags
sendShortcutToProcess(bundleIdentifier: "com.roon.Roon", keyCode: 126, modifierFlags: .maskCommand)


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2 minutes ago, Tekl said:

but it only works when the Command Line Tools are installed.


Unless you compile it to a binary.


Having the Command Line Tools isn’t an issue, though.

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6 minutes ago, Tekl said:

it sends Cmd+Up to Roon

A simple workflow that allows volume control of Roon from Alfred without bringing the Roon app to the front would be of interest, I'm sure, to some of us. 😉



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54 minutes ago, vitor said:


Unless you compile it to a binary.


Having the Command Line Tools isn’t an issue, though.

Ah, good idea. But then changing scripts is more complicated and compiling Is not enough. I have to codesign and notarize it. And I don't know how to compile universal binaries. Sorry, I'm no developer, I don't want it complicated. 😁 It seems that a corresponding makefile will be bigger than the simple swift script. 

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Many thanks for that. I'll probably not now have the chance to try it until tomorrow morning (UK time) but will definitely have a look at it. It was something I was thinking about only the other day but I'm much less of a programmer than you clearly are!



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