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possible bug, or just PEBKAC issue with keyword metadata (kMDItemKeywords)


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  • Alfred 4.6.5 [1298]
  • macOS 12.3.1


I am growing old and feeble minded. I often add kMDItemKeywords to jog my memory and speed up app searches based on function. E.g. there's a useful app called OmniDiskSweeper to find out what's eating your disk space.


I use osxmetadata to add 3 Spotlight keywords: [ 'disk', 'space', 'analyze' ] to aid finding this app when I need it:



It works when I type "disk space" in Spotlight:



also when I use mdfind from Terminal:



but not from Alfred:



unless I put a literal comma (,)



But not in the reverse order:



Here are my prefs:



Is this a bug or just a limitation that can't be worked around?

thank you



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@luckman212 Sorry about the slow reply on this one.


I've mentioned this to Andrew to take a look at how Alfred treats the individual keywords. However, the simplest solution in the meantime would be to add "disk space" as a single keyword. This will give you the exact results you need without having to wait for us to investigate. :)




[Moving to Investigating]


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