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Create conditional/filter in workflow to wait until item is pasted.

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I would like to create a workflow where I have some first group of actions occur. Then, at some point, I will be pasting the contents of current clipboard item into whatever

application I am in. I would then like to have some mechanism to sense that I have pasted from the clipboard (doesn't matter which item.. just that something from the clipboard has been pasted). And then at that point, I would like to simply continue the workflow. So it is simply to wait until an item has been pasted and then to let the rest of the workflow continue. Any ideas? 

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Separate the groups into two sections, each triggered separately. Keep the first the same as you have now. For the second group, make it trigger with a Hotkey and make it paste from the clipboard. So instead of having an arbitrary paste trigger the rest of the action, you have the action trigger the paste.

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Your solution worked for what I was trying to do, but I have extended it here (see attached image for more) and I can't come up with a solution. To explain I have a series of downloaded images that I use often and many are connected by a certain topic. So in this case with keyword input "bravo1", the workflow begins by running the JXA script which copies the first item I have hardcoded to my clipboard. Then I am going to use the copied item, so when I paste it, I would not only like a second group of actions to occur but actually for the next item to be copied to the clipboard (by running the given script).... and then this to be able to repeat for each time the current item is pasted. Maybe there is a workaround for this.... there's nothing special about the script other than it allows me to copy an image to clipboard (rather than text) since Alfred's built in features did not allow me to use images with clipboard actions. Any advice? Thanks. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 5.52.49 AM.png

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