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two macs with shared prefs in dropbox: conditional/dynamic actions?

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Just bumping this topic by starting a new thread, which fizzled away like a bad smell ;)


To recap:

I have 2 machines with shared Alfred prefs (stored on dropbox). Works great for opening most folders that have the same path (i..e ~/Documents).


But doesn't work when certain folders have different paths:


mac1: /Volumes/DB/Dropbox/Projects
mac2: ~/Dropbox/Projects


I'd like to create a workflow (keyword: "projects") that opens the correct "Projects" folder, according to whatever the current machine is.


If i were to write this in the language I'm familiar with, this is what it'd look like:

if (_currentMachine=Mac1) { 
} else if (_currentMachine==Mac2){ 


However I'm not advanced enough in Alfred's workflows to understand how to create this, and Applescript even less so. 


I would gladly pay someone $30 (or whatever's fair for the work!) to write this workflow for me, as I've been dying to get this set up for quite a long time, and for many folders. It's such a missing link in my own workflow and it's hindering other things from advancing. 

I trust the community here and I'm serious about compensation (if it's too time consuming for me to figure it out).




Mods: if $ talk isn't allowed in here please let me know and I'll revise the post



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My bad, I deleted the response. I had a typo.

Works great. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again so much @vitor! This just made my day


Is there a way to automate this process with a global variable that stores both paths, across all workflows?

For example I have a lot of workflows calling various different folders within "/Dropbox/STUDIO/". If I ever change location of STUDIO, I'd have to manually change each workflow that refs STUDIO and any sub folders.

Loaded question probably. Figured I'd ask.


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