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File Search Not Working - only website results


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Hi, when I type into Alfred "open" and then begin typing a filename, it only appears to be searching online and provides three matches for online. But I have many files containing the word that I'm typing but it seems Alfred is not even looking at files.

Please see attached screenshot. I have the file that i'm searching for selected, and I type open Neil but results are only for web. 

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@kieranmcmanus Welcome to the forum :)


Are you using macOS Monterey, and have you transferred your files from another Mac using the Migration Assistant tool?


If so, you're encountering the bug in macOS Monterey's Migration Assistant described here:


Following step 2 will work around the macOS bug, allowing you to find files normally once again.


If the issue persists after widening the search scope, please send your Diagnostics file (which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred) to our info@ email address with a link back to this thread so that I can take a further look.



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