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New any type of file or folder (directly or using a template).

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Hi guys, I am here to share a workflow I made.   It can help MacOS users easily create any type of file in the active finder window. Now, it currently works in two ways:

  1. Create directly (with keyword new)

    • Directly use the specified extension to create a new file of the corresponding type, e.g., new filename.docx. It supports most popular file types, which can be find in ./template_file/. You can also add some other custom types in the folder by creating an empty template file.

    • Without expansion, it will directly create folder, e.g., new dirname.

  2. Create from template (with keyword tf)

    • Select the template file (like tf ...), then enter the filename to create the file.

    • Select the template folder (can contains files and subfolder), then enter the dirname to create the file


You can download it from Github or Packal: Template File. Enjoy it :)

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Hi Zhao, I think this is really useful. Thank you very much for creating it. I've been trying to fiddle around with it to customise it a bit, but I'm really just a meddler, not someone with any (recent) coding skill. I've removed the notification event for the file creation, and have been trying to plug in a file-open command, so that once the file is created it opens with the default application. However I can't get the initial query (i.e. the filename) to pipe through to the end. I end up with the filename plus "created in" plus whichever directory. Do you have any hints on how I might do this? Perhaps it would be possible to create a "newo" Alfred keyword specifially for opening and creating a file?

All the best, Simon

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