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Google Chrome Incognito Workflow

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I tried some other Chrome Incognito workflows that the community has posted. Some only work when Chrome is already open. Others launch one Incognito and one regular window.


My workflow fixes these issues. Check it out!


Alfred 2 Chrome Incognito Workflow - Opens Chrome in Incognito Mode or opens a new Incognito Window.


GitHub Page | Chrome Incognito.alfredworkflow

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Very nice, thank you!


Would it be possible to add an optional argument to open a webpage directly in the new incognito window?  I think an initial URL (or search entry) can be specified in the shell script arguments for Chrome.  If so, that could be passed from the Alfred keyword input...couldn't it?

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Thanks, Sonny.  I'm very interested in the functionality you describe, but your workflow is not performing the prescribed actions on my machine.


I have Google Chrome named and installed normally.  I've tried tweaking the script in several ways with no luck.  Would you please help me debug/redesign this script?

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How would one pass a search to the incognito window?


Hi, I've tried different pieces of code, but I can't make this work in the workflow. It sometimes won't even open the window/tab. Any ideas? Thanks

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