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I was using a very old custom script to launch iterm2 - I updated to the one on Github and it is now working







I've just upgraded to 1Password8 and am updating the integration.  It seems to be installed but If I choose an action that is supposed to display a terminal nothing happens.


I turned on debug and found the script that the original setup action was creating: /var/folders/sh/ts05sxgs0cv0g0_nmzgsxff563b40q/T/tmp.6WnZ2HEp.


I opened iterm2 manually and ran the script from there and I have 1password account connected.


However if I now go to :1pextra and choose 'force update...':


I still don't get a terminal prompt.


On a whim I went and checked terminal settings in Alfred and they were set to custom to launch iTerm2.   I just changed these to default to terminal and the actions now seem to be working.


Is there a way to get your flow to work with custom?




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Hello, I enabled the 1Password integration in Alfred.  When I launch the Alfred command bar and type "1p" in, I'm prompted to sign in with an account.


As I proceed with the sign on and enter all necessary info, I receive a response back saying it cannot access the database:


Updating items list. It will take a few seconds to complete.
You may close the terminal at any time.
..Error: unable to open database "/Users/jasond/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.1password/Library/Application Support/1Password/Data/1password.sqlite": unable to open database file


How do you fix this issue?


Please advise,


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