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Alfred workflow for Github Actions

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This is an Alfred workflow for Github Actions (GHA). Users can browse GHA workflows and runs, register to watch for a in-progress run, and Alfred will send a notification message when that run finishes. Feel free to give it a try if your daily tasks involve working with GHA. All feedbacks are welcome.



Download the latest version here.



Refer to this workflow's usage here. Some features:

  • Login with Github personal access token. This token will be stored in users' keychain.
  • Search for GHA workflows and runs.
  • Quickly check for a GHA run status.
  • Watch for a long running GHA run. Alfred send a notification when it is done.




Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.25.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.26.12 PM.png

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