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Clipboard Hot Key Reverts to Previous Setting

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I want to bring up my clipboard history with a double tap of the Command Key. I can set this to occur, but then Alfred reverts back to - Option-Command-C


I had this working in the past and not sure why this is happening now.



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@MacWorks Could you please let me know what sync service you're using for your preferences? It's likely that you're using a service where your preferences aren't readily available, so either Alfred isn't able to save your customisation to file, or it isn't available at startup, causing Alfred to create a new set of blank preferences.


If you're using Dropbox, please ensure you disable Smart Sync on your Alfred preferences folder.


If you're using iCloud, you need to disable Optimised Storage.


If you're using a different sync service, please let me know and we'll help you further.



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