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introducing yaanki – yet another anki alfred (workflow) 📇

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yaanki – yet another anki alfred (workflow) is a workflow to quickly review or add new cards to your anki decks. Anki is a complex software and I have not tested all possible use cases. Also, the scheduling algorithm is simplified (more details in the readme file). Please remember to backup your decks and let me know if you see bugs or have other suggestions. 




usage 📖
creating new cards 📝
- you can create a new card by entering the corresponding keyword (default: !a) or hotkey, then entering (or pasting into Alfred) the text of front and back separated by //. --b will invert front and back. New cards will be added to the deck listed in the DEFAULT_DECK_NEW Alfred environment variable, or – if that is not set – the `Default` deck. 
- Universal Action: new cards can also be created by selecting text in any app, then launching Universal Actions and selecting 'Create New Anki Card with yaanki`. 

looking up a card 📇

- launch yaanki by entering the corresponding keyword (default: !s) or hotkey and search for a card by typing in Alfred. yaanki will show the front of the card, and the deck it is from. The Anki star color will indicate the due status. Hitting Enter will show the back of the card and the times (or days) it will be due based on the outcome you will indicate. 
- ctrl-Enter will show card details (date creation, number of reviews, due date etc)
- option-Enter  will show the card front in large type
- 🖼️ denotes an image present in the card front or back. Hit `Shift` to show it in preview 


studying with yaanki 🗂️ 
- you can set the decks from which cards are presented by entering yaanki:decks in Alfred, or setting a hotkey. shift-Enter will add or remove a deck from the list. The deck list can also be edited in Alfred's workflow variables. 
- launch yaanki with keyword or hotkey. if no search text is entered, cards are presented ordered by due date (new cards first), so review all the ones that are overdue

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