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Copy one filename, replace another (keep ext)

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I have folders of videos, one video each, and one subtitle file in each folder. The correct way to make the subtitles work is to use the same name as the video, except keep the .srt extension. I do a lot of video recording and editing, and make subtitle files, but they're automatically saved with "subtitle.srt"


Right now, I'm clicking the video file, press ENTER to select the text minus the extension, COPY, press ENTER to finish, then move up to the subtitle file, press ENTER to select its text minus the extension, and PASTE.




1 subtitle.srt



Workflow needed to change to




I'm just getting started with Alfred, and have looked through the HELP, the Forums, and not found what I need. I often have 5-10 or more individual folders with 2 files in them. Can Alfred do this, and how do I find it? I was hoping to "record keystrokes" and repeat for each folder, but that isn't working.

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