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"Rebuild macOS Metadata" including "Delete .Spotlight-V100 before reindex" fails anew


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Using Alfred 4.6.5 [1299] on macOS Monterey Version 12.4.


Using Alfred to launch apps started to miss some applications that it had previously found. Eventually I went to Alfred Preferences, Advanced, Rebuild macOS Metadata and included Delete .Spotlight-V100 before reindex.


A new Terminal window popped open and also another window asking whether I would grant Terminal.app access to the whole disk. I clicked yes.


The run of

/Applications/Alfred 4.app/Contents/Frameworks/Alfred Framework.framework/Versions/A/Resources/reindexdel.sh

proceeded, but it complained that it could not delete .Spotlight-V100. I had given my password to sudo, but that failed because I have set my account as a non-admin for safety. I opened another Terminal window to login to my other account which does have admin privs and copied the command line there. This time sudo succeeded, but the deletion of .Spotlight-V100 still failed. I tried to

sudo chmod 777 .Spotlight-V100

to give myself permission to delete it, but even the chmod failed.


Further research seems to indicate that one should delete that directory using

sudo mdutil -X volume-path

but I do not know precisely which macOS version was the first to require this.




 This relates to a previous post but I'm starting a new topic because it seems that remedy is no longer sufficient.



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Already, I have an update and correction.


Since I was thinking about apps permissions, I wound down from this bug report by reviewing System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy. There I found that Terminal.app did not yet actually have the Full Disk Access that I thought I had granted because it had not yet quit and restarted.


So, the above description is not a hard bug, but a strong suggestion, because "sudo mdutil -X volume-path" works without needing a restart of Terminal.app to grant it a new permission.


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