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Guidelines for effective macOS Ventura (macOS 13) bug reports

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So you’ve updated to the new beta goodness released by Apple. Congrats! But thread lightly. At all costs, you should avoid installing a beta macOS version on a machine with data you can’t afford to lose or waste a day resetting.

In the course of your beta trial, you’ll bump into bugs and general issues. Some will be related to Alfred and Workflows, which will make you tempted to jump on this forum for help.

Before you do, ask yourself “is this a bug I should be reporting?” The closer to WWDC22, the likelier the answer is “no”. The overwhelming majority of bugs at this point will sort themselves out. And they will be inconsistent. Early betas tend to be unstable to be point we can’t rely on a predictable experience between users, meaning no way to isolate and understand problems.

In general, if you don’t have enough knowledge or skill to figure out the cause of the problem, you should refrain from installing a beta OS. Please avoid filing but reports if that’s the case. Or open them with Apple via the Feedback Assistant app, since macOS will be cause of the break and giving them feedback is the purpose of installing their beta OS.

So when should you start reporting general Alfred bugs? Look at the bug reports subforum. Do you see a “macOS 13.0 Ventura Bugs & Issues” section? If not, it’s too soon.

What about Workflows? You should follow the same logic. If a Workflow stops working, either the developer is likely to know because they are using the beta, or they won’t know and won’t be able to fix it because they are not.

There are exceptions to the above, but few. If you do make a bug report, please make sure to follow the instructions. Do that, and everyone will be more willing to look into your issue sooner and help get you sorted.

Thank you. Have fun with the new features.

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