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Better handle of opening not-downloaded iCloud files

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Dear experts,


I'm wondering if we can improve the behavior of Alfred when opening files which haven't been downloaded from iCloud. 



Usually these files have the extension of .icloud (e.g. a keynote file as shown below 2020-09-10_dataflow.key.icloud). When you open it from Alfred, the file will start being downloaded.




Once the download is completed, the following error will be triggered.




I think this is because the file has its name changed from 2020-09-10_dataflow.key.icloud to 2020-09-10_dataflow.key. However, Alfred is still passing the filename 2020-09-10_dataflow.key.icloud to Keynote, and of course Keynote is not going to find such a file as the name has changed.


I guess some people may think this error could be from Keynote itself, as the error above shows the Keynote app icon. However, I also tried opening .icloud files with Spotlight. This error does not show up.


Many thanks in advance!

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