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Index Cache on google drive

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I am new to Alfred

I can't seem to index or cache my google drive.

I've given the mac all the required permissions, eg.  full drive access

but all I get is one beep when I try to index google drive.


Any advice??


I've downloaded google drive workflow as well



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Welcome @Elon,


29 minutes ago, Elon said:

I can't seem to index or cache my google drive.


That’s a know issue with Google Drive not being indexable from Spotlight (whose index Alfred uses). It isn’t related to Alfred, it affects macOS in general.


But you can work around it with Alfred.


31 minutes ago, Elon said:

I've downloaded google drive workflow as well


That’s what you need to do, but you have to use the Workflow to index and search the drive. Make sure to follow the guide. If you have any questions, please ask them in that thread (don’t forget the requested information).

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### Workflow version

### Alfred version

### macOS version

### Architecture

### Workflow environment variables
Dict {
    ignore_list = 
    result_limit = 50
    auto_refresh = 1
    google_drive_path = /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive

### Full Disk Access

### Google drive paths
Does NOT Exist: /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive

### Cache dir
Files NOT present

### Cache file
Does NOT exist

### Temporary cache
Does NOT exist

### Build progress
NOT running

### Launchd job
Loaded: -    0    com.alfredapp.googledrive

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@Elon Please don‘t post serially, it makes it hard to follow your questions.


You edit the value by double clicking it.


7 minutes ago, Elon said:

It looks like this is the correct file path


macOS says that’s unlikely, as per the diagnostics. Spaces matter, you have to make sure the path is exact. The links I’ve sent you explain the process. Make sure you understand it and follow it slowly. That is something you have to change yourself, there are no further details other than what has been explained and linked to.

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