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Snippets not working after migration to new computer

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I recently migrated to a new macbook pro but the Snippets aren't working.


I reset the permissions using the Terminal command, regranted access to permissions (accessibility, full disk, automation, etc.) but it's still not working.


Also, the clipboard recall funciton isn't working.


I have my Powerpack installed


Do I need to do a fresh install of Alfred?

FYI, went from an intel to M1 chipset MBP.


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@zamboknee It's most likely one of two things:


  • Permissions: I know you said you re-granted them, but this sounds like the most likely issue as you're saying neither snippets or clipboard are working, both of which rely on Accessibility. Could you again remove Alfred completely from accessibility and re-add (not just unticking/reticking the box)?
  • Check the features are enabled in the preferences; For Clipboard, go to Features > Clipboard, and make sure the boxes for Text and any other types you want to save to clipboard are ticked. The same goes for enabling Auto-Expansion in the top right of the Features > Snippets preferences.

If your issue persists, please drop an email to our info@ address with your Diagnostics file so that I can take a look. 



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