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How to open applications in a new window?

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Hi, First post here,
and I also tried to research this before creating this post.

Straight to the question: Is there a workflow to open any application on a new window?

I've been using a workflow to open a new Chrome window for example I've named  as `nchroem`. But I was wondering if I could make a simple workflow:

# Alfred Command

new <Any Application>


# script
on alfred_script(q)
    tell application "<Application Path>"
        make new window
    end tell
end alfred_script


But this is so simple that It got me wondering, maybe someone has already developed something similar out there.

So there is any workflow to open any application on a new window?

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Welcome @Nathan-MA,


There’s no standard way to make a new window for every application. Each will implement it their own way and many will be similar, but not universal. Plus, not every application allows more than one window.

But you can open a new instance of an application. That has the side-effect of creating a new window, but also a new icon on the Dock. And when accessing the app via AppleScript of JXA, you’ll only get access to one of them.

OpenActions does that.

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